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Any Emerson student, faculty, or staff member can sign up. Think of it like your own place on the web: for academic, extracurricular or personal creations!
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With, you can learn the ropes of website building. Build a blog, portfolio, website, or whatever you dream up.


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Start cultivating your online presence now! Check out the showcase to see what your peers have done.

Examples of domains!

A still frame of a bedroom from a doorway. Choose to either 1. look in bedroom or 2. look in hall closet.
White text on a black background with white tree illustrations on either side. The front page of the "Shade" Twine game.
A gallery of illustrations on a white background. A page of Sehee Kim's portfolio.
A gallery of illustrations on a white background. A page of Wesley Sanchez's portfolio.
The front page of the Ask Kaylee Frye website. It has the title at top in small orange font; below that, a horizontal blue strip with a button to work with Ask Kaylee Frye; below that, a list of latest blog posts with accompanying circular images.


Hosting your content on means that it is yours and yours alone. No one is tracking, monetizing or claiming rights to your creative work. With your site on, you are always the one in control!

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Content hosted on is curricular, personal, and experimental in nature and in no way represents official positions of Emerson College, its departments, organizations, etc.