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A gallery of captioned photos on a black background from the Allston Basements website.
White text on a black background with white tree illustrations on either side. The front page of the "Shade" Twine game.
A gallery of illustrations on a white background. A page of Sehee Kim's portfolio.
A gallery of illustrations on a white background. A page of Wesley Sanchez's portfolio.
The front page of the Ask Kaylee Frye website. It has the title at top in small orange font; below that, a horizontal blue strip with a button to work with Ask Kaylee Frye; below that, a list of latest blog posts with accompanying circular images.


Allston Basements
Exploration of Allston MA’s basement venues by Dahlia Snaiderman, Haylee Carlyle, and James Bentley

Wesley Sanchez’s Portfolio
Murals, paintings, animation, and video portfolio

Ask Kaylee Frye: Cosplaying the Shiniest Mechanic in the ‘Verse (And More!)
Professional artist website

Inspiration from apps available on Emerson.build


The WordPress logo.

WordPress Showcase

I Love Typography

The Walt Disney Company

Vogue India

The Omeka logo.

Omeka Showcase

Battersea Arts Centre Digital Archive

Making History – Transcribe

The Story of the Beautiful